Who: Question words: subject/object question, whom

Who: Question Words is an important topic. It’s very close to another question word Which in terms of Which of vs Who of vs Who among us / you / them / the +plural noun vs Who. See this comparison in section Which.

Who: Question Words: question targeted at the subject

I’ll explain difference between subject and other questions in another lesson.

Who came yesterday?

Very briefly, in such questions the answer would be the subject of the sentence (the doer of the action or owner of the state). Who came? – Pete (came) Pete was the doer of the action. So, now you have a quick overview what sentence subject is.

Who: Question Words: question targeted at the object

Also a very short explanation. Such question presume the object of the sentence as the answer to the question.

Who do you love?


Whom do you love?

Who do you love? (I love) This lady.

The answer already is not the owner of the state. The answer is the object to which the state of loving is directed.

Who vs Whom

Whom do you love? (Formal, dying out)

Who is already becoming formal too.

Who do you love? (Almost everywhere, replacing who)

Another example with who of :

Who of you here can understand the thought process of the necessity of simultaneous evolution in most if not all living beings?

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