How: Question words: How old/fast/long/many/much

How: Question Words is a very important topic. We can use many word combinations with this question word.


How can we help people cope during a worsening pandemic?

How plus adjective or adverb

How strong is he?

How fast will my savings grow?

How plus adjective or adverb plus declarative sentence = exclamatory sentence

How strong he is!

How fast my savings will grow!


How far is it?

How far it is!

How plus adjective or adverb plus a/an plus noun

How good a pianist is he? (what about the same construction with an uncountable noun)

How: question words : How often/long/old

How often

How often should you sit versus stand?

How long

How long will you wait to see a doctor?

How old

How old is he?

How: question words : How many/much/about/come

How many

Amazon Top 100: How many have you read?

How many plus plural noun

How many people are watching the impeachment trial?

How many of (us / you / them or plural noun)

How many of you remember what it was like before air conditioning?

How many of the books were written in Greek?

How many of them did he play around with?

How much

How much will my stimulus check be?

How much is it?

How much plus uncountable noun

How much water are you supposed to drink? -9 cups (or 72 ounces) of fluids for females and 12½ cups (or 100 ounces) for males.

How much of (singular noun or uncountable noun)

How much of a pay raise can you really ask for?

How about / What about

How about we give them a tough, smart woman to vote for?

We’re all supposed to stay home. What about kids who aren’t safe there?

How come plus declarative sentence form

How come may not necessarily have to be a question, it expresses disbelief or accusation. It somehow equals to why in meaning, but it is not an absolute synonymous expression. We can substitute how come with why, but we have to use certain intonation and emphasis on why. If we use why, we need to follow the question order. If we use how come, we don’t have to follow the question order.

How come our modern array of satellites can tell millions of drivers their location with amazing accuracy, but cannot correctly predict the weather a fortnight into the future?

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