When: Question words, wh-questions

When: Question words, wh-questions is a very important topic. It contains a question construction such as since when.

When: Question words

When are you coming?

Since when

Since when is used in perfect line of tenses. For instance, present perfect tense. However, we can use it in the other tenses too.

Since when do we as a nation, as a community, put money ahead of everything else?

The above sentence is in present simple tense.

Since when do you know more about monetary policy than the Fed Chairman??

Same here. Present simple.

Since when has this been an issue?

Since when have you believed in paradise?

The above 2 sentences are in present perfect tense.

Since when has he been doing anything right!?

The above sentence is in present perfect continuous tense.


All the above examples sound sarcastic. It looks like the “real” question using Present Perfect Continues or Present Perfect with since when, in colloquial speech, is dying out.

Since when have you been waiting for me? – I’ve been waiting for you since 2 pm.

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