What: Question Words, wh-questions

What: Question Words is an interesting topic. The most tricky part is the difference between what time and at what time.


What are you reading?

What + noun

What book(s) are you reading?

What kind of book(s) are you reading?

What color is the book that you are reading?

What time is he coming?

What + color + noun

What color book(s) are you reading?

What time vs At what time

At what time is formal. We use what time in spoken and written English.

What time are you coming? (on clock)

What time are you coming at? (a safe way – neither formal and written nor super colloquial)

At what time are you coming? (formal and written)

At what time, indirectly same as how come or since when:

At what time do you think she should give up the chance of this ever happening?

At what time do you change jobs because it costs more to get to work than you make?

At what time do you sit back and say “Wow, there are mistakes, therefore I can’t take anything in this book on faith.” When you do wake up?

At what time do we decide that the process has to end and that action is our only option.

one of the sources: wikipedia.org

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