Past Continuous Usage 5: Repeated actions

Repeated actions: Past Continuous can be used to describe repeated actions in the past. However, these repeated actions no longer happen in the present. They are usually habitual actions. Interestingly, we can use other constructions for this purpose. Used to construction, for example.

Repeated actions: Past Continuous
Past Continuous with: always, constantly, forever

Signal words that describe repeated actions in Past Continuous

Additionally, with Past Continuous, we use:

always, constantly, forever, and their synonyms

These words show that the action didn’t just happen, but happened repeatedly.

She was always telling us interesting stories.

He was telling us interesting stories every day.

She used to tell us interesting stories. (used to construction)

Also, for describing repeated habitual actions in the present, please, refer to Repeated actions: Present Simple tense. Repeated habitual actions in the present with for and since: Present Perfect: Actions started in the past and continuing in the present.

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