Future Simple Introduction: Usage overview

Future Simple Tense is used to simply show that some action will take place in the future. What does “in the future” mean? Please refer to What is future? Introduction to tenses. Well, we have 4 future tenses in the active voice, you would ask me. Then when exactly do we use Present Simple? Here is the tip:

When we don’t have to use the other future tenses, in the meaning that something will happen in the future, we use Present Simple. For example, the action is not ongoing, continuous, incomplete. The action doesn’t have to show that it will be complete by a defined point in time. These are not simple aspects of action. They are DE-simplified by the above examples.

Recap on Future Simple introduction: usage overview

Alright, now simply saying, if we feel like we don’t have to use Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, then go ahead and use Future Simple. Ha ha, it’s that simple 😉

Also, Future Simple is the basic tense to express future actions. And pretty much it can replace all those tenses in the emergency situation. It will be kind of “OK.” However, if you want to utilize the full beauty of the English language tenses, go ahead and study the future line of tenses at your best. And, it’s free, after all.

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