Spelling Booster: The 50 States Spelling

Remember the spelling

Arkansas k/s/s

Wyoming y

Hawaii ii

Illinois s

Kansas s/s

Louisiana ou/i/s

Massachusetts ss/tt

Minnesota nn

Mississippi ss/ss/pp, i/i/i/i

Missouri ss/ou/i

Pennsylvania nn/y

Rhode Island h

Tennessee nn/ss/ee

Wisconsin c

Wyoming y

If you hesitate between the i and the y at the end of the word, I noticed only 2 state names finish with the y

New Jersey


2 state names have double letters in 3 different parts of the same word



The state names consisting of 2 words don’t have dashes. There are 9 of them

New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York (4 state names with new)

North Carolina, North Dakota

Rhode Island

South Carolina, South Dakota

The state names that have double letters. There are 9 of them




Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri



1 state name ends with ing


By the way, the number of state names with double letters and the number of state names with double words is the same, it’s 9.

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