Introduction to Tenses: Exclamatory Sentence

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Exclamatory sentence expresses great emotion such as excitement, surprise, happiness, anger etc. It usually ends with an exclamation point “!”

Exclamaroty sentence can be any sentence expressing emotion.

You are so stupid! (declarative sentence with emotion)

Are you crazy? (Interrogative sentence with emotion)

Don’t be stupid! (Imperative sentence with emotion)

I would call the above examples mixed types.

From the grammatical point of view we need to know how to form pure exclamatory sentences.

They start with What or How, and usually end with an exclamation mark.

How stupid you are!

Oh, how stupid she was… (we can use exclamatory constructions without an exclamation mark too)

What (a) beautiful weather it is!

What a nice toy you’ve got!

Well, the formation principle here is:

How + adjective + declarative sentence form (subject – predicate)

How beautiful she is!

How + adverb + declarative sentence form (subject – predicate)

How beautifully she sings!

What + noun + declarative sentence form (subject – predicate)

What a nice toy you’ve got!

Exclamatory sentence short form

What a nice toy you’ve got! (complete/full form)

What a nice toy! (short form)

How beautiful she is! (full form)

How beautiful! (full form)

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To work on:

What + uncountable noun (with or without the indefinite article?)

What + noun in plural form

How we can replace exclamatory constructions with “so.”

Exclamatory sentences with one word

Emphasized exclamatory sentences with “oh, wow” etc. in the beginning